Dr. Stefan Zeuner

European Patent Attorney
European Trademark and
Design Attorney

Legal background
  • Admitted as a Patentanwalt to the German Patent and Trademark Office and to the German Patent Court
  • Professional representative before the European Patent Office
  • Professional representative before the EUIPO
  • Active in the field of intellectual property since 1997
Scientific background
  • Physics Studies in Regensburg and Boulder, Colorado, USA, Dipl.-Phys. 1992
  • Doctoral Studies at the University of Regensburg:
    Demonstration of a novel thermoelectric effect in high-Tc superconducting films. Development and design of a fast broadband laser detector based on symmetry reduced high-Tc films – Doctorate as Dr. rer. nat. 1994
  • Visiting scientist at the Center for Free Electron Laser Studies of the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, for two years:
    Nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor nanostructures: photon-assisted quantum transport and dynamic localization in GaAs/AlGaAs semiconductor superlattices subject to intense THz fields.
Technical focus
  • Document Security
  • Security applications
  • Physical Technology, Optics and Laser Technology
  • Printing Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Semiconductor Technology, including Process Technology
  • Materials Science
  • Medical Technology